Private Dog Walks

We know that socialization is important for dogs, but we also understand that group walks are not a one size fits all solution.

Elderly dogs, those recovering from injury or illness, or dog who prefer to have their own space are often better suited for private or individual dog walks.

During private dog walks, we typically:

  • Walk through your local neighbourhood, on leash.
  • Meet and greet other dogs, only if your dog is comfortable with it.
  • Reinforce basic obedience and learn new skills
  • Give plenty of cuddles and belly rubs!

We offer private dog walks in either half hour or one hour time slots, depending on your preference and most importantly, your dog’s needs.

Safety first!

Dogs enrolled in our individual walks must have a well-fitted collar, gentle leader or easy walk harness. Since individual walks take place in your neighbourhood and we may encounter cars and other distractions, walking safely on leash is very important.

Group Walk Requirements

  • Licensing tags on collar
  • Basic obedience
  • Be able to walk without pulling
  • Well-fitted secure collar, gentle leader or easy walk harness.


As private walks are on leash, we walk your dog through your own neighbourhood. If you have a ravine or park nearby, we are happy to walk there, otherwise we walk on the street, exploring the local area.
Private walks can be booked in increments of 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your dog’s exercise needs and individual circumstances.

You have as much flexibility as you need. Whether your dog needs a daily outing, or several walks each day, we will do our best to accommodate.

No. Private walks are individual in nature. Your dog will get 100% of our attention and love!

How do you get started?

Contact us through email or call to set up a free meet ‘n greet. We will do our best to answer any questions you have and tell you more about us and our services.


Individual walk, 3 or more days per week (half hour) $25

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