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Through years of experience, we have come across some cool stuff in the pet care community.

We are happy to share some of our go-to services and resources!

Are you just starting to look into getting a pet and need a few ideas of where to start?

In our Local Pet Resources section, we list adoption agencies and breeders to give you an idea of where your new best friend might be waiting.

Already sharing your life with a furry one?

Dive into the Online Pet Resources, where you will varied online sources of information on all things pet related.

Looking for a fantastic pet store or grooming service?

Check out our Community Friends section. These are local businesses we regularly use ourselves and are happy to recommend.

Does your dog seem restless or bored?

Take him to a local off-leash Dog Park to harness some of that energy into positive play and good exercise!

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Proud to serve North York and Midtown Toronto. Please contact us if you live just outside of our service map, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.